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Mayhem Mania 2021: It Begins!

Welcome to another year of everyone’s favorite fantasy/reality booking game: Mayhem Mania!

Every year, we bring together fans, wrestlers and other folks and ask them to help us construct the BEST WrestleMania card that’s currently possible. Everyone under a WWE contract is eligible to use, as are those who are within the orbit of WWE’s influence.

Every wrestler comes in their current physical, emotional and contractual state. That means anyone out with an injury is NOT eligible to use. (We are ignoring COVID-19 diagnoses because this is supposed to be a fun diversion, not a reminder of the terrible things happening around us.)

Over the coming weeks more players will be invited to make changes to our card. If a match survives three consecutive rounds without being altered in any way, it graduates to our SUPERCARD. The goal is to get 8 awesome matches onto that SUPERCARD before the real WrestleMania.

If you’re wondering if this process actually works, check out the SUPERCARDS from past years of Mayhem Mania.

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That’s right. This is our SEVENTH year!

As always, we begin our opening round with a blank slate. 8 players were invited onto the Wrestling Mayhem Show to help us create 8 matches. There is one change from previous years of Mayhem Mania. This year, we’re designating one match slot as the “cinematic match” slot.

Let’s see what everyone came up with.

Mayhem Mania 2021 – Opening Round

Match #1 (Created by Professor Jakob Edwin
Sasha Banks vs. Rhea Ripley (with Stephanie McMahon)

Match #2 (Created by Dave Podnar
Bray Wyatt & Alexa Bliss vs. Xia Lee & Boa

(*Designated As “Cinematic Match”)

Match #3 (Created by Chad The Shad)
Imperium (Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner & Alexander Wolfe) vs. Pat McAfee & Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch

Match #4 (Created by Mad Mike)
Mercedes Martinez vs. Walter

Match #5 (Created by The Rizz)
Xavier Woods & Kofi Kingston & AJ Styles vs. Tyler Breeze & Adam Cole & Cesaro

Match #6 (Created by Alex Kahrs)
Randy Orton vs. Charlotte Flair

Match #7 (Created by Tina Keys)
Daniel Bryan vs. Pete Dunne

Match #8 (Created by Jordan Styles)
Big E vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Bronson Reed vs. Dexter Lumis

See how easy that is? What a great start for Mayhem Mania 2021!

There are certainly a number of names that some would prefer NOT to see in a match on Mayhem Mania (or WrestleMania, for that matter). That’s why we created SPACE JAIL! It’s a place where players can trap their most unwanted wrestler. Anyone currently in a match on our card can NOT be sent to SPACE JAIL. They’re safe…for now.

Be warned! Every week a spin of our wheel could free that person and there is NO “double jeopardy”.

We gave each of the seven players who joined us live for the opening round the power to send one individual to SPACE JAIL. Here’s who they chose.

Dave Podnar: Lacey Evans
Chad The Shad: Dominik Mysterio
Mad Mike: Brock Lesnar
The Rizz: Shane McMahon
Alex Kahrs: Velveteen Dream
Tina Keys: Ric Flair
Jordan Styles: Edge

We’re off to a great start, but Mayhem Mania is rarely a simple process. Next week, we’ll see the first changes to our card.