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Vampiro Talks Lucha Underground On The Mid Week War

The first face that welcomed fans to Season 2 of Lucha Underground was Vampiro’s.

“I was so surprised that they gave me that opportunity.”

In the opening scene of the Season 2 premier, Vampiro imagines his bloody and brutal escape from a mental hospital.

It’s all in his head, but on the set as cameras rolled, the physicalilty was very real. Vampiro says one stuntman bit off a little more than he could chew.

“He says, ‘Don’t worry I won’t hurt you’, and I’m like, ‘Alright, motherfucker.'”

“I hit that guy so goddamn hard, I almost knocked the wall down. You didn’t expect that, right? I knocked him out. Eat a bowl of dicks. You know what I mean?”

Crass and crude one minute, honest and humble the next, Vampiro is one of a kind. When he made an unexpected appearance alongside Lucha Underground Co-Executive Producer Chris DeJoseph on the Wrestling Mayhem Show’s Mid Week War podcast, we weren’t sure what to expect. We quickly learned how passionate Vampiro is about Lucha Underground.

Vampiro admits his style as a color commentator is unconventional. He makes an effort to keep himself in the dark, so he can react in the moment. Sometimes his role has also called for him to be a cheerleader in The Temple.

“When Matt (Striker) has this energy in his voice and there’s something so important going on in the ring and I see it about to happen and I see him going into the zone but I feel like the people aren’t there yet, I jump up off of the desk and I sorta cheerlead or do things. I become part of the act because the people at home need to understand and feel what Matt is saying at that moment. And if he’s out of his mind and something is so crucial to the story and the fans aren’t reacting, the people at home aren’t gonna get that vibe.”

When Vampiro has gotten inside the ring on Lucha Underground, it’s almost always unforgettable. The “Cero Miedo” Match against Pentagon Jr. was an iconicĀ part of Season 1. When we asked what his favorite part of Season 2 has been, Vampiro didn’t hesitate.

“When they told me we were gonna have a fucking Season 3.”

Waiting for the start of production on Season 2 wasn’t easy.

“It was a little bit tough. When you’re a creative person and you see something so well, and you make friends … When you work with people that you love and you have this creative connection with, you wanna keep doing the work because you don’t really get this experience too much in the wrestling business.”

“The product is rocking and you’re a part of that. You’re writing it. You’re giving your two cents there. You’re sharing. You’re giving. You’re sacrificing. When you’re in that mode, it’s such a God-given gift. It’s beautiful.”

Vampiro speaks highly of just about everyone associated with Lucha Underground, from the crew behind the scenes to the talent in the ring. Like so many fans, he expects them to raise the bar at Ultimate Lucha Dos and in Season 3.