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Weekend in Texas Indies by The Wrestlefan

Let me begin this post by mentioning something. Growing up in Corpus Christi, besides the occasional WWE house show or TV taping, wrestling is not that available. If there was an indie company available, they only appeared every 6 months or so, or they were a company that would make it seem like I could get in the ring and do just as much as they could. For the longest time, I only believed that good independent wrestling could be seen on the East Coast, with the former prosperous Texas wrestling scene not being what it used to be. Since moving to San Antonio to attend college, it has been a refreshing change of pace, with companies that put on consistently great shows with proper production and amazing talent. This is my review of last weekend’s events in Texas independent wrestling.

Before I start the review, I must first mention that both companies that weekend had very touching and moving tributes for Camron “Spiro” Bates, who passed away that week. Though I never had the privilege to see Spiro compete in the ring, from what I heard and saw from both of the events, he was an amazing talent and also an amazing person who will be missed by so many. My condolences go out to the Bates family.

The weekend began on Saturday in San Antonio as I attended “The Event 2”, delivered by friends of the Wrestling Mayhem Show, River City Wrestling. As soon as you enter the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church for an RCW event, you always feel that you are in for something special. Whether is it the professional set up including a titantron, or the live simulcast station set by Good Job Texas radio, you feel a heightened sense of anticipation for the evening. When one attends an RCW event, it is not a company for the independent message board type of crowd. When I come to an RCW event, I am there to cheer the good guys, boo the bad guys and have a fun time. It is not a company people should take overly serious. With over the top characters such as Ann Dromeda, Honkey Kong, Jingo Wallabe and Steve McEnroe, the goal is to have fun and get involved.

The main event featured Honkey Kong and Jingo Wallabe retaining their tag team titles in a Banana Ladder Match against the Gulf Coast Connection. With it being a very comedy based match with bananas suspended above the ring, I was surprised how truly violent and vicious the match really was. It amazes me every show how Honkey Kong is able to remain in character the entire time. It is truly a talent. The show also featured Ann Dromeda sadly losing a match with “The Minister” Rick David, which had Ann Dromedas career on the line. Since attending RCW shows in October, I always found the Ann Dromeda character extremely entertaining and it is sad to see him go. After a heart felt speech, Ann Dromeda thanked the entire crowd for their support and shook hands with everyone in attendance. I definitely wish Ann Dromeda the best in his future, since he is a truly talented performer.

The next night, I traveled an hour down the road to Austin, Texas where I attended, for the first time, a show for Anarchy Championship Wrestling. “Delusions of our Childish Days 2011” was held at Mohawks bar and saying this event was an experience is an understatement. When asking long term ACW fans what I need to

Getting a high five from Jessica James

know, I was told, “If they go to the outside, get the hell out of the way”. And that is indeed great advice. ACW puts on a highly entertaining show that offers people in Texas to see some of the best wrestling and wrestlers in the world. One of the things that ACW has been prided on is their American Joshi division, which features a variety of girls that have continued to branch off in other top American companies, including Shimmer Womens Athletes. Stars just like the current American Joshi champion Athena, Portia Perez, Rachel Summerlyn and Jessica James have now been considered some of the best female wrestlers not just in Texas, but also in the US. Along with them, women like Barbi Hayden, Angel Blue and Lillie Mae are given the platform to make a name for themselves. At this event, the Joshi talent was featured in a 6-way ladder match that absolutely amazed and showed how great these women truly are. Including that, the hardcore, rabid and intense atmosphere is coupled with great independent wrestling. I witnessed my first Deathmatch ever, and I honestly enjoyed every bit of the insanity. Great wrestlers such like Davey Vega, ACH, Evan Gelistico, Mat Fitchett and countless others make this more than a hardcore company, and Deathmatch wrestlers such as Scot Summers and Masada prove that they are as great of wrestlers as they are ass kickers. Now I will preface this by saying it is a

Its A Warzone

very long show. When I do attend my next ACW event, I will know to eat a large meal before hand so I do not get winded. However, even though it is a long show, all of the matches were great, with none of them disappointing. If you want a taste of alternative, I would definitely suggest Anarchy Championship Wrestling.

River City Wrestling’s next event is January 7th in San Antonio, Texas for New Years Evolution 3. The main event will feature Ray Rowe vs. TNA Superstar Hernandez and Honkey Kong and Jingo Wallabe defending against The Dark Army composed of Nemesis and Muerte. The next Anarchy Championship Wrestling vent will be their 5th Year Anniversary Show, Guilty By Association 6 at Mohawks in Austin, Texas. Matches include Robert Evans vs. Portia Perez in a grudge match and the ACW return of Jerry Lynn. If you would like tickets or more information for either company, visit RCW at www.rivercitywrestling.net and visit ACW at www.anarchychampionshipwrestling.com.

*Photos Courtesy of texasanarchy.com