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Wrestlefan Previews Anarchy Championship Wrestling’s 100th Event!

In 2 weeks from today at Mohawks in the heart of Austin, Texas, our friends at Anarchy Championship Wrestling will be celebrating a big feat, as they will be holding their 100th event “From Innocence to Insanity 6”. Many doubters and naysayers said that ACW wouldn’t make it past their first show, and after over five years of hard work and dedication from management, wrestlers and fans, they have become one of the best in not just Texas, but the United States. This will be a spectacular event celebrating everything anarchy, so let’s preview the card to see what will be in store.

Jaykus Plisken is one of the very few wrestlers on the current roster that has been apart of ACW since the very first show. In the five plus years of ACW, Plisken has remained a dominant force, taking on all challengers with a great deal of strength, power and intensity. However, the fact of the matter is that Plisken, while being here from the very beginning, has never held the ACW Heavyweight title. Most recently, Plisken has led the reinvented version of The Takeover; a group whose mission is to carry out their belief that wrestling should be dominated by large, powerful men who hold no mercy on their opponents. While many oppose this belief, the one who has taken the greatest offense to this is the current ACW Heavyweight champion, ACH. For the past few months, Plisken and ACH have been at war over more than just the Heavyweight title. It has turned into a war on what pro wrestling can and should be. ACH is not afraid to address the notion that The Takeover is composed of jacked up meatheads, who run in packs and bully those smaller and weaker than them. Plisken on the other hand sees ACH as a lucky, young, punk kid who is nothing but a glorified back yarder. The two will finally meet one on one on July 22nd and the question will be whether ACH’s heart, fight and spirit will outlast Plisken, or will the sheer strength of Plisken, both in size and in numbers, be too much for ACH to handle.

Ever since January of this year at Guilty By Association 6, the sweet story of Rachel and Jessica’s Excellent Tag Team has turned extremely sour. At that event, Jessica James mysteriously transformed back into her devilish alter ego Lady Poison, and turned her back on her longtime best friend Rachel Summerlyn. Since that date, Poison has been a constant thorn in the side of Summerlyn, interfering in numerous matches, costing her big opportunities including an American Joshi title match back in March, and planting her deadly Poison Kiss to incapacitate her. It could even be said that the vicious attack by Lady Poison after Rachel’s first round match with Jazz cost Summerlyn the chance of winning the 2012 Queen of Queens Tournament. And now, enough is enough. Rachel Summerlyn and Lady Poison will go head to head at ACW’s 100th show. Ironically enough, when Lady Poison debuted in June of 2009, the first victim of her dreaded Poison Kiss happened to be Rachel during a match with Angel Blue, and since that time, Rachel Summerlyn and Lady Poison have never once met in one on one competition. That changes at From Innocence to Insanity 6.

Killah Kash has proved himself as of late to be a dominating force in ACW. The muscle for Chris Trew.biz decided that in order to cement himself as the best, he needs to take out the biggest dog in the yard. To Kash and many others, that dog is “Showtime” Scot Summers. Summers is another one of the very few that has been in ACW since the very first show. And in that period of time, he has become a staple of what Anarchy Championship Wrestling is all about. He has faced and defeated the likes of Bryan Danielson, Nigel McGuinness, Chris Hero, Claudio Castagnoli, Jerry Lynn and countless others. So it is no question he is one to beat if one wants to transform from nobody to somebody in ACW. This leads to what occurred this past April in a six-man tag team match, when Kash viciously stabbed Summers in the eye repeatedly with a ballpoint pen. Not only did he get Summers attention, but Kash has created an enemy that may not be able to be contained. These two will meet in a first time grudge match of epic proportions, with either Scot Summers gaining his sweet revenge, or Killah Kash rising to become one to not underestimate in ACW.

At From Innocence to Insanity 6, the current ACW American Joshi champion Angel Blue may be facing her biggest challenge to date since winning the title back in January. In that time, Blue has stepped on many toes and created many enemies while trying to remain champion. On July 22nd, she will be facing three of those enemies in a Four-Way Dance for the American Joshi title. First is “The Wrestling Goddess” Athena who, after coming off winning the 2012 American Joshi Queen of Queens tournament, now focuses on gaining redemption after Angel Blue stole her American Joshi title in January with powder to the eyes and a handful of tights. Next is Barbi Hayden, the young but determined rookie who came close to beating Blue in April for the Joshi title if it wasn’t for more of Blue’s underhanded tactics. And finally, Portia Perez, who because of a distraction from the mind games of Robert Evans, lost her American Joshi title match against Blue at the Queen of Queens Tournament. While this could be seen as a match that may be the undoing of Angel Blue, if she were to somehow win this match, it could eliminate the notion that Angel Blue is merely skirting by and could establish her as more than just the “paper champ” that the fan’s have taken a liking in calling her. Will that be the case? Or will we see a new American Joshi champion crowned on July 22nd?

Also on the card, in a #1 contendership match for the ACW Heavyweight title, “The Infamous” Shawn Vexx goes one on one with “The Badass From Big Japan” Masada. It was two years ago at From Innocence to Insanity 4 when Shawn Vexx lost the ACW Heavyweight title to Darin Childs and a lot has changed since then. The original fan favorite turned on his friends, his fans and is now the leader of Childs former stable “The Children of Pain”. And one can only think that the icing on the cake for Vexx in his turmoil with Darin Childs would be to regain the title that he lost to Darin. However, in his way is the man that held the ACW World Hardcore Title for over 2 years straight, Masada. Masada just came off winning the CZW Tournament of Death for the second year in a row and is also the current CZW Heavyweight Champion, so it can be assumed that Masada would like to add the ACW Heavyweight Championship to his list of accolades. But only one will become #1 contender and have that opportunity.

ACW will continue to make history at their 100th show, as the current ACW Tag Team Champions of Darin Childs and Khris Wolfe, collectively known as Dream Warriors, defend their belts in ACW’s first Tag Team Ladder Match. While anarchy means that anything can happen, we have rarely seen ladder matches in ACW. In fact, this past December saw the first ever American Joshi Six-Way Ladder Match and it didn’t disappoint. While it hasn’t been announced what teams will challenge for the tag team titles, there are many to choose from. There is Bolt Brady and Ricky Romida of the Electric Company, and one can only imagine that the speed of Brady and the power of Romida would work perfectly in this element. Then there is Mojo Bravado, the young duo of Jordan Jensen and JoJo Bravo that got a taste of hardcore when they battled Scot Summers and Hardcore Champion Matthew Palmer at the last show. Don’t forget the former tag team champions of Jason Silver and Sky De Lacrimosa, The Lost Boys, who still have unfinished business to settle with their former stable mates Childs and Wolfe. The Takeover also has had their minds set on capturing every title in ACW, and that includes the Tag Team championships. And who can leave out The Kings of The Underground, Scot Summers and Ryan Genesis, who called out Dream Warriors in order to determine who the top tag team was. The possibilities are endless, which makes this truly a match to watch.

Former ACW Heavyweight Champion and current Ring of Honor star Jimmy Jacobs will be making his return to Texas and to the world of anarchy on July 22nd. Jacobs has competed in some of ACW’s most competitive matchups against men like Scot Summers, JT Lamotta, Masada and many others. But this time around, Jacobs will be in singles action for the first time against Submission Squad member Gary Jay. Not only would winning a match against a former heavyweight champion propel Gary Jay towards the top of ACW, but also if things turn out the way the Jay family want for their son this Friday against Dan Walsh, he could head into this match with the St. Louis Anarchy championship. Will Gary Jay pick up a big win? Or will the self proclaimed “Zombie Princess” prove that he will always be one of ACW’s best.

In another first time matchup, “The Mind of Wrestling” JT Lamotta faces off against the Submission Squad’s Evan Gelistico. Lamotta announced back at Guilty By Association 6 that he would be retiring from professional wrestling at the end of the year, and since then, Lamotta has put on stellar matches with some of ACW’s fastest rising stars. However, he will be facing a man unlike any other that he has faced this year. This year, Gelistico and The Submission Squad have made it their mission to eviscerate “The Whole FN Show” Jerry Lynn from ACW forever. Because of this, Gelistico in recent months has transformed into a more deranged and almost psychotic version of his former self, as seen in the video below.

Will Lamotta be able to derail Gelistico’s plan? Or will Evan pick up a big win against a former ACW heavyweight champion?

If you are in the Texas area, or even if you aren’t, I would strongly encourage you to attend this great event at Mohawks on July 22nd. From the looks of the card, ACW will be laying it all out on the line at this show and if you want to see what they are all about, this would be the show to see. For tickets and more information, you can go to www.anarchychampionshipwrestling.com and also go to www.youtube.com/AnarchyTelevised to see ACW on youtube.

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