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Wrestling Mayhem Show 220: Remembering Gordon Solie

Sorg, DJLunchbox, and Mad Mike finally get back together, and are eventually joined by Doc Remedy as they talk about Carlito’s release, Ring of Honor’s TV tapings, NXT is just getting good, WWE Films’ new kid-friendly movie, midget wrestling, and much, much more!

This week, we have the pleasure to talk with Robert and Pam Allyn, authors of “Gordon Solie…Something Left Behind”, about Gordon and his legacy.  You can find the book in PDF form at www.SolieSports.com.

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This week’s Audible Pick: “A Long Way Down” by Nick Hornby
Get this book free at www.audiblepodcast.com/sorgatronmedia

WMS Gold Bonus Content: This week, the Mayhem Crew does a new rendition of the theme…via Skype.  And an advance listen to our interview with Joe Dombrowski, Bobby Shields, and Bobby Beverly from Sorg’s trip to Ring of Honor in Philadelphia this weekend.   Not on Gold?  iPhone users can pick up the app right here!

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