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Wrestling Mayhem Show 229: Dreamachine

Sorg, Mad Mike, andwrestlefan200 are joined by Friend of the Show Chris Maverick of Cosmic Hellcats and ElseWorld to tackle all of the topics in pro wrestling.  Mad Mike fills us in on the San Diego Comic Con trip, meeting The Miz (who chimes in on the Mayhem Hotline), Lucha Libra USA on MTV2, Wrestlicious, and we have a good talk about ECW’s “resurrection” in TNA for Hardcore Justice as Mav sets us straight on copyrights.

We also have the chance to talk with Joe Dombrowski with our now annual talk about PWO Wrestlution!   We chat about how the company has done in the last year, it’s reach for fans, working Ring of Honor commentary with Jim Cornette, and the Pittsburgh Legend of the Dreamachine Vest!

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This week’s Audible Pick: Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahniuk
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