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Wrestling Mayhem Show 310: Sacred Lost Pit

Wheelz, Bobby F J-Town, Wrestlefan, LB, and Sorg are talking about WWE Films, Nascar, wrestling films, and so much more!

We also get an in-studio interview with the IWC Heavyweight Champion, Jimmy DeMarco, and Chest Flexor. Tune in to see what DeMarco and Flexor have to say about their future plans for IWC and the upcoming Clearfield show. Have these IWC bad boys lured previous IWC owner Norm Connors from retirement? Check out the show for more details, plus more surprises!

We debut our first in a series of interviews with the cast and crew of the upcoming flick, Death from Above, which stars Kurt Angle, James Storm, Sid Vicious, and more wrestlers!  In this episode, we talk with the producers about working with so many wrestlers and the problems that get solved.

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WMS Gold Bonus Content: We’ve got a pitch for a new Sorgatron Media venture featuring Wrestlefan as a male ring rat, and so much more

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