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Wrestling Mayhem Show 378: Brocknado

WMS378On the 378 edition of the Wrestling Mayhem Show, we have DJ Lunchbox (@djlunchbox), Eamon (@eamon2please) Kenny Pickett (@kennypickett), Mad Mike (@madmike4883) and of course Mike Sorg (@sorgatron).

  • We open up reintroducing Kenny Pickett to the audience. He talks about his album that is going to be coming out likely next week, and how we at the show helped fund it!
  • Time for fan mail!
  • LegkickTKO brings up Cena-Bryan at Summerslam? Who will win? Find out on Total Divas! (Just kidding…we hope)
  • The Gathering of Juggaloes is coming up. Sorg is down with the clown and explains what these shows are like to attend.
  • Favorite American move? Eamon swerves us with his answer, and the rest give us legit 100% USanswers..
  • Why did Randy Orton win MitB? The crew discusses the Viper.
  • Rizz mail! He gives some MitB thoughts.
  • The cast talks about the Wyatt Family. What is going on with them and Kane?, Who should they feud with?, and should they add to the family (Eamon gets animated!).
  • Who should Damien Sandow cash in on?
  • What was the best MitB match? Find out what the Mayhem Crew think.
  • The crew talks how an audience makes a match, and how woman’s wrestling exists!
  • Promos, tapping all that good stuff! The cast weighs in on Mark Henry.
  • It’s a indy minute with Eamon! Eamon talks about Shine Wrestling 11. The first ever champion was crowned. Check out shinewrestling.com for more information on some great women’s wrestling. IWC Proving Grounds 2 is this weekend. Check it out in White Oak, PA on the 20th. Not only will there be great wrestling, but Sorgatron Media will be there!
  • This week on Remember When we remember our favorite Rob Van Dam moments! RVD getting thrown through cages, fighting Jerry Lynn and John Cena. Ohh the memories!
  • Eamon ponders why RVD is back for another run. A heated debate ensues. NSFW
  • Is Brock Lesnar a giant celebrity? Mad Mike gets… well ….mad…. about this comment.
  • Mad Mike is over Randy Orton. Find out what Mad Mike will do if Orton is not successful on the cash in. Once again, NSFW.
  • What is the point of Chris Jericho’s current run? Surprise! Another heated debate between Eamon, Mad Mike and Sorg.
  • The cast tells us what they learned from wrestling this week. Including a shocking realization that TNA can put on a good match. Involving women? Say it ain’t so!

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