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Wrestling Mayhem Show 589: The Champion We Deserve

We’re back to our usual stable of Sorg, Chad the Shad, Mutilator Larry, and Bobby F J-Town as we talk this week in wrestling, including:

  • Our guest tonight, The Rev, upped the call-in-sick ante to call off tonight’s show by burning stuff down.
  • Friend of the show, Brandon Mynatt, will be a participant in the 2018 Special Olympics as part of the Team Missouri Bowling Team. (Donate at: http://give.somo.org/site/TR?px=1073149&fr_id=1190&pg=persona)
  • Enzo dropped some truths, but it’s bringing some attention to 205 Live.
  • WWE wanted us to hate Dolph Ziggler so much that they took away what we loved most to make it so.
  • Bobby is a fan of sleep-deprived Neville.
  • We’re talking the importance of cutting promos and not taking things personally.
  • Cody Rhodes reciting Independence Day won the internet last night.
  • Bullet Club and Cody Rhodes stalking RAW a la DX was phenomenal, guys!
  • We may or may not be spinning a DDP Yoga show.
  • Big Show cannot make Big Showberfest? And, it’s now Yes Yes Yes Fest? *head scratch*
  • We’re *finally* getting around to some No Mercy 2017 discussion.
  • Man. Cesaro’s teeth is a thing after No Mercy2017. #BeastMode
  • Is WWE pulling out all the stops for PPVs? Is this why we have so many injuries lately?
  • It’s looking like a Shield reunion. Will we get Miztourage and Wyatt Family 3-way?
  • How about that Aiden English spot with Rusev tonight?
  • This week’s Big Question: What is next for John Cena?
  • What did YOU learn in wrestling this week?

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