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Wrestling Mayhem Show 379: “The American Daniel” Bryan Dragonson

WMS379On this very somber 379th edition of the Wrestling Mayhem Show, we have the delightful cast of DJ Lunchbox (@djlunchbox), Eamon (@eamon2please), Mad Mike (@madmike4883) Rizz (@theerizz) and the Hulk Hogan of Sorgatron Media, Mike Sorg (@sorgatron).

  • DJ Lunchbox thinks you all look bad, so buy our shirts and gain some knowledge by buying the app!
  • Be famous for a minute, e-mail the show! [email protected]
  • What is going on with this Papercutz comic picture? Who are these people!?!?
  • Favorite international move? Eamon is forced to say the Alabama slam, Rizz likes the Mexican surfboard, and Sorg says Texas cloverleaf; because Texas is not really a part of the US. DJ Lunchbox covers all the bases with the around the world slam.
  • The cast talks about Cero’s comments sent via e-mail.
  • @bigppc e-mails the show. We talk gauntlet matches, Summerslam, TNA/Chris Sabin and dream gauntlet matches.
  • Are we ever that excited to see gauntlet matches? We talk Daniel Bryan’s RAW gauntlet match.
  • Bryan/Cesaro match of the year within a match?
  • @bobbyfjtown e-mails the show? Orton wasn’t on RAW! Neither were the family!
  • Voicemail from AJ he gives his thoughts on why Orton won MITB, RVD, the Wyatts and more!
  • The indy minute is here! Eamon talks about a PWG even in California on August 9th! Eamon also talks about Gary Jay, who is a top wrestler in the midwest area. Make him the 24Th member in the Ted Petty Invitational tournament. Sorg talks about the IWC show he was at this past weekend.
  • Remember when covers Bryan Danielson’s (Daniel Bryan to WWE fans) best stuff prior to his big break. DJ Lunchbox remembers his match with Delirious in ROH. Eamon’s favorite was a match in Chicago, were Danielson fought Lance Storm. Eamon also remembers a show in Cleveland he attended that featured Danielson. Rizz talks about a match with Kenny Omega that featured the spot that never ends. Sorg remembers his first ROH show which featured a fatal four way with Danielson Claudio Castagnoli (Antonio Cesaro), Tyler Black and Nigel McGuiness.
  • Cena vs. Bryan-Is this his time? The cast discusses.
  • We talk the RAW no shows. Randy Orton, The Wyatts and The Big Show.
  • We talk some Total Divas. Everyone is real excited for the show.
  • What Big Show do you want to return?
  • Kofi Kingston talk turns into mid-card talk.
  • Is TNA dying?
  • What did we learn from wrestling? It’s sweet right now, Alex Riley is alive and Sorg loves his fabricated weekend wrestling.

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