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Wrestling Mayhem Show 387: Heat Death of the WWE Universe

WMS387On episode 387 of the Wrestling Mayhem Show, DJ Lunchbox (@djlunchbox), Eamon (@eamon2please), The Rizz (@theerizz) and Mike Sorg (@sorgatron) talk pro wrestling. On this weeks show:

  • Will TNA Impact offer Jim Ross a job? The crew discusses.
  • Which wrestler has the best family? Why did Sandow not cash in? So many questions, but we answer them!
  • In the indy minute, Sorg talks RWA wrestling; Eamon talks InspirePro, the Jimmy Jacobs injury, a controversy during a Wrestling Is Intense show and the ROH IPPV in Philadelphia September 20th.
  • Remember when? Our favorite JR moments! DJ Lunchbox remembers his Skittles commercials and his silence that spoke volumes. Sorg remembers how he made everything just seem better. Rizz remembers the raw emotion he brought out during matches and his heelish turn. Eamon remembers a live RAW where JR is beaten down by the McMahons and his commentary for the Steve Austin-Bret Hart match.
  • DJ Lunchbox and the gang are talking stockmarkets? Why? Find out on the show!
  • The crew discusses The Night of Champions PPV.
  • We talk about all the uncomfortable moments on RAW this past week.
  • We talk about Total Divas and our thoughts on the program.
  • We end the show with a roundtable and what we learned.

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