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Wrestling Mayhem Show 393: Don’t Speak Ill of Bad News Brown

Wrestling Mayhem Show 393: Don’t speak ill of Bad News BrownThis week on Wrestling Mayhem Show 393, we have our cast featuring DJ Lunchbox (@djlunchbox) Eamon (@eamon2please) and Mike Sorg (@sorgatron). On this weeks show:

  • We talk about wrestling terminology.
  • We talk about spots that make us say wow!
  • We answer the question of where AJ Styles should wrestle if he is gone from TNA.
  • Did Damien Sandow get buried? The crew discusses this question.
  • We discuss who “the devil” possibly could be.
  • Rizz interviews Bobby Fish, Dalton Castle, RJ City, and Chest Flexor from International Wrestling Cartel.
  • We talk about independent wrestling.
  • What vegetable would Su Yung be? Find out on the show!
  • We remember the best John Cena moments!
  • We have a roundtable discussion on a variety of wrestling related topics, and let the world know what we learned from wrestling!

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