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Wrestling Mayhem Show 795: White Van of Mayhem

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We are joined by MLW’s Joe Dombrowski as we close out 2021!

  • We look back at 2021 in pro wrestling. The Forbidden Door creates opportunity. AEW grows. WWE crowns Big E champ. Roman Reigns…reigns.
  • We chat with Joe Dombrowski about arriving at MLW, it’s history, and the stars in the making with the promotion.
  • We get a special message from Trent’s Mom Sue!
  • 12 Days of Christmas Mayhem Edition featuring Justin Idol, Tatiana, The Count, Doc Daugherty, Keith Haught and Yinza the Pittsburgh Luchador!
  • We see how we did on 2021 predictions.

WMS Predictions for 2022 

Lisa (the Mad Wife) 

  • Charlotte will leave WWE 
  • Bray Wyatt will return to WWE 
  • BIANCA BEATS Becky for title 
  • Carmella and Corey Graves will break up 

Ronnie Starks 

  • Pittsburgh Indy wrestlers will get more tv time
  • At least 2 Pittsburgh wrestlers get signed 
  • Rizz will continue to forget his joke book

Joe Dombrowski 

  • NXT bumped from prime time or cut down to hour
  • DYNAMITE over taking WWE RAW 18 – “l21 lin ratings 
  • Another promotion will get tv time 
  • Lee Moriaty will be best wrestler and stubbornly not admit 


  • TME signed to national company 
  • NJPW America inroads to national product through touring or television
  • Funky Joey D still Funky 


  • Wrestling show streamed from G4 
  • Somebody from Pittsburgh will win championship in major promotion 
  • Triple H asks for his release 

Mad Mike 

  • Someone from AEW will main event WWE PPV 
  • Da Party will be reunited on G4 
  • CM Punk and Bryan Danielson 2 man power trip to win all AEW titles 
  • Friend of the show will become a world champion 


  • Lee TNT champ 
  • STP will go to new company together 
  • Mexican wrestling 


  • NXT goes back to WWE Network/Peacock 
  • Roman still champ
  • 3 main AEW championship changes 


  • Thunder Rosa to hold major championship 
  • Darby/ Stong with tag titles 
  • Recent release debuts at Revolution 
  • Bryan Danielson will be on New Japan Strong 

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