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Cedric Alexander and Sugar Dunkerton

Indy Mayhem Show 73: Cedric Alexander & Sugar Dunkerton

Sugar Dunkerton and Cedric Alexander - IWC Super Indy 14This week on the Indy Mayhem Show, IWC wrestlers Cedric Alexander and Sugar Dunkerton joined the show!

Alexander talked about:

  • His first memory of pro wrestling, featuring some WCW cruiserweights.
  • How cruiserweights shaped his wrestling style.
  • When he decided to become a pro wrestler.
  • His time with ROH.
  • Pro wrestlers he enjoys working with.
  • The surprising news of ROH joining Destination America.
  • The competition now between ROH and TNA Impact.
  • The IWC card and who sticks out to him in the card.
  • How he plans to stick out in the tournament.
  • What wrestling he is watching.-
  • The best and worst things of indy wrestling.

Dunkerton talked about:

  • -The 3 types of wrestling fans.
  • -How he got into pro wrestling.
  • -Disco Inferno helping him with a gimmick.
  • -All the nicknames he has had.
  • -His never give up attitude.
  • -His opponent at IWC Super Indy, Cedric Alexander.
  • -What he has been watching in wrestling and just in general.
  • -The best and worst things in independent wrestling.

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