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Mad Mike Gives Fast Reactions to WWE Payback

PPV-WWE-Payback-2013Opening segment is a little weird and off-putting, but Chicago = Gangsters, I guess

Why does Barrett’s theme have laughing children at the beginning of it?

Was Miz actually working the leg? Good for you Miz!

I would still like to see the Perflect Plex get a win on a show that matters, no Smackdown doesn’t count

Oh wow! Nice and creative finish! I love it. That was a Barrett burial though.

Triple H why do you have to ruin everything?

I hope Big E has a card to give to Kaitlyn that says Let’s Bee Friends (there’s a picture of a bee on it).

King…shut up about all women hating each other, just because the demographic you hang out with (high school juniors) exhibits that, doesn’t mean it’s relevant

Damn Kaitlyn is strong, she just did the Cena spot.

God damn, that was a fun Diva’s match…you can tell those two really wanted to put their best effort out there, I’d love to see a no DQ rematch.

Haaaaaaaaaaaa Chicago with the “You tapped out!” chant.

Deep down I hope Cody feels really bad for Kaitlyn

It’s kinda weird that Ambrose wears the white t-shirt under his vest.

Dean Ambrose just stole Curtis Axel’s gimmick.

Wow, Wafflefan’s favorite wrestler RVD is coming back, that should be interesting.

That Diva’s Belt looks huge on AJ

Wait…..Ricardo doing an English announcement? That doesn’t sound right…oh no….

Wow Del Rio is acting really heelish here…me no likey.

I’m assuming that guy in the bleached blonde hair and suit is Abe Froman the Sausage King of Chicago.

If they are trying to pull a double turn here, it might be effective.

Wow JBL is amazing at commentary in this match.


Wow Ricardo going “He’s fine! He’s Fine!” they are really doing this aren’t they?

Ugh, still don’t like Del Rio as champion, unless they continue with the double turn…Ricardo not doing the Spanish announcement seems heelish

Wow AJ is selling this…I love it


So…….is Punk really there?

Son of a bitch, he’s actually there.

Haha he’s the rabid wolverine!

This is the best match I’ve seen in a very long time. Wow.

Rollins still needs a new finisher, but otherwise that was a decent match, not the Shield’s best in recent weeks though

Wow…poor ALL these lumberjacks, why do we need 30 of them?

Cena just crushed the whole undercard. Literally.

I really don’t like Ambulance matches, so boring.

This isn’t going to be gimmicked for Ryback to be AA’d through the roof is it?

Yup. It was. Horrible.

Punk should have main evented this show, that match was phenomenal.