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Mad Mike Reviews Destination X: Bought and Paid For

Okay you guys, the way I see it…this PPV cost me 35 hard earned dollars. There are eight matches on the PPV, if I say that each match is worth 4 bucks and any backstage segments and packages are worth the remaining 5 or so, I fugred that’s a good way to see if this PPV is worth it. So here we go! Dixie Carter is glad that she earned my business, she told me so in a DM on Twitter, I hope I’m proud I bought it.

Opening package

  • Nothing outstanding here, probably would have helped with some voice work
  • Cost $0.30

Match 1: Last Chance Four Way: Rubix Vs. Darsow Vs. Andrews Vs. Lars

  • Nice to hear a “Rubix” chant
  • I hope at least two of these dudes gets signed
  • I bet they are allowed to make the Demolition reference on PPV but not on Spike
  • Holy shit Jigsaw!
  • I miss Taz broadcasting…
  • I’ll always mark for a good Tower of Doom spot
  • Wow Van Jigsawnator
  • It’s a shame Jigsaw didn’t win, the crowd was solidly behind him
  • Decent match, nothing too spectacular but definitely a worthy four way
  • Cost: $4.00

Match 2: Kid Kash Vs. Mason Andrews

  • I love that there was literally no break in between this
  • It bothers me that the tron above the crowd says #DestinationX with the hashtag
  • Kid Kash hasn’t evolved in ten years Borash, he just looks like a sadder version of Kid Rock
  • Too much middle finger-ness Kash
  • Heel Kash isn’t as much fun to watch as face Kash
  • Wow, that was a little lackluster of a finish, but it works since he was tired
  • Solid booking to let the mystery 8th guy try to go wire to wire though
  • Cost: $2.75

Samoa Joe segment, Twitter segment

  • The Joehawk is awful looking
  • Nice retcon to Joe’s strategy, that’s a solid promo
  • It’s also good to see that people talk about the standings
  • Interesting Twitter graphic…
  • Cost: $1.25

Match 3: Douglas Williams Vs. Kenny King

  • Wow Borash with the NWA Wildiside reference!! Well played JB!
  • Doug Williams has not stayed in shape at all
  • This is a lot of awesome mat wrestling, both guys very charismatic
  • The crowd is great so far
  • Springboard blockbuster FTW!
  • Another new kid getting a spotlight isn’t a bad thing
  • TNA should sign King immediately
  • Cost: $3.00

Daniels segment

  • I can’t believe this shit has been going on for a year
  • Daniels holding an appletini is pretty great though
  • Cost: $0.50

Match 4: Sonjay Dutt Vs. Rashad Cameron

  • Cameron already marketing himself, that’s good
  • I hope Rashad knows that repeatedly mentioning Philly means nothing in Florida
  • Crowd doesn’t seem to care about either guy here
  • Even the announcers don’t seem to have anything to say about this match
  • Sonjay is trying to fire the crowd up…
  • It’s a shame the crowd doesn’t have anyone to really root for as this has been the best match so far
  • Nice double foot stomp Sonjay
  • Cost: $4.50

Jesse Sorensen segment

  • Borash made a Ring Ka King reference….wow
  • This may be harsh, but you couldn’t make Jesse’s mom look a little better
  • I am not a fan of Sorensen, but I hope he does come back in a big bad way
  • Jesse’s girlfriend is pretty hot
  • The feud with him and Shiima when he comes back could potentially be feud of the year for TNA
  • That was actually a really great promo, most I’ve ever cared about his character
  • Holy fuck Shiima sell the shit out of that look….fucking awesome
  • Cost: $3.50

Match 5: Shiima Vs. Flip Casanova

  • “Did you see that?” Love you Shiima
  • This is basically a squash match to put Shiima over as a heel and I’m totally fine with that
  • Holy cow, a Gory Facebuster from Shiima, I love it
  • Not the longest match but this is to put over Shiima
  • Cost: $3.00

Roode segment

  • Nice to see Roode interrupting the X Division guys
  • Roode being against the entire X Division is a nice twist to his character
  • Cost $1.00

Match 6: Samoa Joe Vs. Kurt Angle

  • I like that both of these guys are going for submissions this time, no one seemed to really do that last year
  • Joe does seem to care a bit more this time around
  • These guys do seem to be going a little bit slower than normal though
  • Awesome series of counters there
  • I don’t think I could watch these guys wrestle over and over again, but once every couple of months wouldn’t be bad
  • Nice to see the “passing out” finish here, doesn’t weaken Kurt at all
  • Kurt may have gotten up a little quickly though
  • Cost: $5.50

Match 7: Last Man Standing AJ Styles Vs. Daniels

  • Go to see they are using traditional Last Man Standing rules now
  • Uranage on the chair….ouchies
  • I love when chairs get used in the non-traditional manner like that
  • Wow dude in the front row is way too aggressive with his fingers
  • This match is much better than the last time I paid for Daniels/AJ
  • Nice adjustment to the AJ springboard
  • Wow, lawn darted into the stairs, nice
  • Hahahaha awesome human moment of the dude wiping the Daniels sweat off his hand
  • We haven’t had a good fight on the stage in a long time
  • I kinda wish AJ was doing the Pele off that ramp instead of the Inverted DDT
  • Oh dammit Kaz…we didn’t need you in this
  • Now see that was a Pele out of nowhere, nicely done
  • Wow. Clash off the ramp. That shit was intense.
  • I have to say…the old TNA would have missed the best angle on that spot
  • Cost: $9.00

Aries segment

  • If TNA is trying to turn Aries into the Punk of their company, I’m totally okay with that
  • Cost: $0.75

Match 8: Ultimate X Match: Andrews Vs. Shiima Vs. King Vs. Sonjay

  • Wow Shiima is totally the heel in this
  • Eh this match already seems a little botchy…that’s unfortunate
  • Oh man Sonjay’s shoulder looks fucked up
  • It’s always interesting to see how these guys get taken off the ropes when they try to get the belt
  • Second Ultimate X match where someone has been taken out, not a good sign
  • Remember the old days in TNA when the belt would just randomly fall down?
  • Joe had tweeted that Sonjay popped his shoulder back in, that’s insane
  • Neckbreaker from the truss, holy fuck
  • Wow, the classic hiding your hairspray in the truss gimmick!
  • Mayhem bump!
  • Shiima is now I’d say one of the biggest heels in TNA, at least the third or fourth heel right?
  • Holy shit what a heel promo, awesome
  • Cost: $6.50

Main Event package

  • Very well done, WWE quality
  • Cost: $1.00

Match 9: Robert Roode Vs. Austin Aries

  • Roode shoving the ref, so awesome
  • JB is doing an awesome job at putting over Roode right now
  • Roode’s face during that handstand was classic
  • I hate to say it, this match is a little slow early on
  • Roode is dishing out some painfully slow offense here
  • Nice to see the slaps waking Aries up
  • Wow awesome roll out of the 450
  • Nice to see the belt shot not even work
  • Wow that kick right before the brainbuster was nasty
  • I haven’t seen the Impact Zone get that insane in a while
  • So awesome that Aries is the champ, just wish this was a little bit better match
  • Cost: $5.00 (mostly for the result, not the match)

Doing some quick math, my totals come out to $48.55 sounds like a damn worthy PPV to me. The AJ/Daniels was really the standout match of the night though, even though Aries winning is huge for TNA.