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Mailbag: TNA and LOST

Here at WMS, we sometimes like to post some of the fanmail that deserves to be read with us destroying it with our embattlement with the English language.  Enjoy this from Rizz!


I come to you with news, finally. It seemed the day of or after the Wrestling Mayhem Show I noticed a tweet from the one, the only, Dixie Carter that was too good to pass up:

From TNADixie: Just finished watching the LOST series. Better late than never. I am more lost than ever but loved it. Not everything needs to make sense.

and, then, when I was just about to die laughing from that post. Who showed up? Captain Soma himself Jeff Hardy:

From JeffHardyBrand (WARNING: Spaces are not included): Love it
TNADixie:Not everything needs to make sense!

Now, I know there are some people here that do enjoy LOST. I, myself, never watched the show. But from the reports on the final episode and the rest of the series I have came to the conclusion that, yes, TNA IS like LOST.

First off, both never died! TNA has a low number rating (I believe they did reach near a 1.0 last week) as LOST finished the show and then came back for more.

Secondly, at the end of LOST weren’t fans more confused about plot twists not ending? Sound familiar?

Thirdly, TNA is like watching a plane crash happen every week. It’s horrible but, somehow, people STILL watch it happen.

But, honestly, here’s my opinion on this. This is directed at Dixie and Jeffro. Yes, sometimes not everything needs to make sense and I am glad you guys are getting that your product doesn’t make a lick of sense. Difference with LOST and TNA, besides the millions of viewers who watch LOST as compared to the barely million people who wind up watching TNA, is that TNA, unlike LOST, is SUPPOSED to make sense and not leave it’s fans hanging in the wind with their dicks in their hand.

So thanks TNA for finally realizing that your VERY OWN COMPANY doesn’t make sense.

Until next time and not making any sense and loving it,