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Wrestling Mayhem Show 553: Did I Get the Most Out of My $9.99

After a small bit of technical difficulty (which we turned into some great GOLD content), we put together another great show with “The Rev” Ronnell Hunt, Rizz, Aaron, Bobby and Sorg for Wrestling Mayhem Show 553.

  • Rizz is sharing his Christmas episode story.
  • Bobby is excited about the John Cena and Baron Corbin match from Smackdown tonight.
  • Biggest news of the week is Impact Wrestling. Guys – THEY GOT PURCHASED!
  • We’re stuck on the Impact Wrestling logo…
  • New goal: Less sighing when Mad Mike talks Impact Wrestling on our Mid Week War.
  • Jeff Jarrett has been signed to Impact Wrestling. How soon until he’s at the top?
  • Is bringing Jeff Jarrett back to Impact Wrestling going to turn it into Global Force?
  • We’re talking some Wrestle Kingdom.
  • The Rev is calling it now! Next time he’s on the show will include a live, in-character spot at Slice!
  • Sorg and Chachi caught the PWX show with The Rev this past weekend!
  • Fan of the Show Rick and his son made a feature for WWE Slam Crate video with Enzo and Cass.
  • Talking some 205 Live with Aaron.
  • Request for WWE from Aaron: Please give 205 Live some of the RAW time slot. Fans will thank you.
  • We’re talking the Alicia Fox love triangle angle on 205 Live.
  • What happened with The Undertaker this week?
  • Hey Matt! Where’s our Mayhem Mania?
  • We’re talking about some dream match options with The Undertaker.
  • Undertaker storyline with a Lake of Regeneration take?
  • WWE stacking the Royal Rumble card is ruining the joy of the surprise entrants for Dudders.
  • Aaron is holding out for Kurt Angle to return EVERY TIME WWE is in Pittsburgh.
  • Dudders is calling a CM Punk comeback! Bobby brings up a comeback tweet…
  • We’re calling (hoping for) a Finn Balor return for Royal Rumble.
  • We’re sharing some content from Treygar on our site. And Rizz has a new Around The Indies coming up.
  • It’s time for the Big Question! What is your dream match for Wrestlemania that will top the Wrestle Kingdom main event?
  • The Rev has brought Michael Q. Knoxville into relevance with this week’s Big Question!
  • We’re going international (via WWE Network) for the UK Tournament!
  • RIP Ring of Honor announce team.
  • We’re talking WWE UK, WWE Japan, WWE Lucha spinoffs (Triple H please make it happen!)
  • How do you say “Maggle” in Britsh? Answer: “Muggle!”
  • Our UK friends – please help us with our pronunciations. 😉
  • Wendy’s intern needs to get paid. Between the trolling brought up on Awesomecast and the Matt Hardy response? GOLD!
  • Is there an Anthem Sports and Wendy’s relationship? Maybe there needs to be…
  • What did YOU learn from wrestling this week?
  • Homework for next week: When will WWE stop picking on Titus?

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