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Wrestling Mayhem Show 576: Long Time Host, First Time Listener

We’ve got Larry, Dudders, Chad the Shad and Mad Mike in studio for Wrestling Mayhem Show 576.  And, if you pay attention to this week’s host, you’ll notice we’ve replaced Sorg with our very own Mayhem Mania correspondent and friend in the mainstream media – Matt.  Our wrestling-loving crew is talking about what’s happening in pro wrestling this week, including: WMS

  • Sorg looks a little different this week…
  • What happened this week in wrestling? We share our thoughts!
  • We have some mixed thoughts on Money in the Bank. And, some thoughts from Dudders representing a ladies’ opinion on ladies.
  • Is Dudders wo-mansplaining Money in the Bank?
  • As the FIRST Women’s Money in the Bank, did WWE do it right?
  • How do you lead a Women’s Revolution and have a dude grab the briefcase in your FIRST women’s Money in the Bank?
  • We’ve moved on from Money in the Bank to the Smackdown Live redo for the women’s match redo.
  • Does WWE not understand that the rules have changed with regard to what’s acceptable for women’s wrestling?
  • Bayley was a great womens wrestling example, because she was a real woman – not someone stylized to be objectified.
  • Maria made a return to the WWE, and was celebrated by objectified photos.
  • Should Carmella’s reaction to Ellsworth retrieving the Money in the Bank briefcase have been more intense about a guy stepping in?
  • We’re thinking Carmella will be throwing Ellsworth into the fray and taking the opportunity to get the Money in the Bank.
  • The Carmella and Ellsworth spot was perfect – just not for the timing.
  • In case you missed it, Enzo and Big Cass broke up, this week.
  • We feel that WWE does not believe in real friendship.
  • Vince McMahon’s heart is as black as coal.
  • We love us some Corey Graves.
  • Thanks Tina for the Corey Graves puppet master angle with Big Cass.
  • Did you know David Otunga is filming a movie?
  • Sharing some thoughts on who would make good WWE commentators.
  • We got to see The Revival, guys!
  • Mad Mike is pitching an Enzo v. Cass match for Summer Slam.
  • This week’s Big Question: Who will dethrone Asuka’s reign?
  • We’re calling it now: Asuka vacates the title and winner of the Mae Young Classic picks it up.
  • Can we get Ronda Rousey v Asuka?
  • Asuka is the Braun Strowman of the NXT Women’s Division.
  • We’ve moved on to some Roman Reigns match/competitor discussion. We have some thoughts.
  • Matt is ruining Sorg’s ass groove.
  • It’s a Sorgabration!
  • What did YOU learn from wrestling this week?

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