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Mayhem Mailbag for October 23rd 2012

We love it on the Wrestling Mayhem Show when our fan’s email us and tell us what they think about the week in wrestling. So here are our fan’s thoughts in this week’s MAYHEM MAILBAG!

From Big PPC Phil
Twitter: @bigppc

Hey …..hey……. hey what going on mayhem crew?! It’s me it’s me it’s @bigppc
Great show per usual by the way. See @chaichisays i told you to get @cmpunk DVD and now you did and you and lunch box even beat out the infamous wrestlefan by watching the punk DVD first props to all on show! Bobby fjtown I agree I wish Orton would go make more movies I won’t watch.

TNA update hardy is champ Terrible! Samoa joe is tv champ cool! R v d is c Divison champ weird but cool! And tag champs are hennadez and Chavo that is cool as well so the big problem here is hardy is a terrible champ cause they only have to him to try entice him from jumping back to wwe which I could care less where he wrestles but hardy will do what he wants he has proven that already, (victory road match Jeff hardy vs sting) people are still waiting for money back for that sorry excuse for a main event. Devon my brother…………..is a biker! Ohhhhhh testify! I guess

So Vicky Guerrero is managing supervisor and aj was forced to resign as gm. The way I see it this means aj can wrestle again and the ball was dropped because Paul heyman would been the best choice for new gm but we all knew that was not going to happen. Ugh get ready for a lot of excuse me’s every week.

Masked marvels Rey meysterio and sin cara did what I predicted @elgrandazul. The masked marvelous win every time but not for the title shot and team rhode scholars wins. What a advantageous victory for the promising professors of pain and perfection. Your welcome…….

Nice to see joe henning aka Michael mcgullicutty I can’t spell that shit! Ya he got kicked in the head but he got offense in and at lost on raw this week right? Kingston is doing great know that team boom jimmy is done thank goodness! Damn! Boom jimmy in your pants!……… ya doesn’t sound good does it?

Damien sandow is fan-fucking-tastic he is brilliant in the microphone and the ring and Cody and him compliment each other well, Kane and d bry will be great against rhode scholars for sure! Winner! Winner! He is the tag
Team champion!

Ryback destroyed The Miz again once again don’t see THe point in ryback destroying miz again right before ppv where miz fights Kingston.

John Cena is going to ” take care of A J Lee” that is not pg. just saying and he had buisness dinner with aj you can call it whatever you want chandler and Monica from friends used to call it doing the laundry. Hogan porno beware if John Cena plugging aj lee leeks no one will care about hogan old ass balls and shit! Yuck!
Cena my favorite saying ever……it is what it is…….and there is some things even Cena can’t fix! Breaking news!
Lets go Ryder! Woo woo woo! Lets go Ryder! Woo woo woo! Unfortunately no one is listening when ppl chant this. Sad day Wwe universe. Del rio hurt his arm nothing new I enjoy it more when he does it to Orton ya the little snake.

Paul heyman is brilliant! Every thing he does has a purpose it is best promo man not a wrestler.

Punk vs ryback at hell in a cell Brock needs to interfere and help punk retain title with out either punk or ryback losing in some sort of no contest deal or something. I have hard time believing punk or ryback will lose so we will see.

So last week I asked about game. This week similar questions I am with lunch box who said he would make a character of his own, where I had made the three faces of Phil with one being practical pc another is damn Canadian a evil Canadian persona of mine and busser man when I had worked at a country club too long and had hot soup splashed in to my face making the busser to go to wearing a mask and making the members lived hell no it’s the busser man! Pick up your own fucking plates! Smash plates breaking! Anyways
What creations will you make mayhem crew and what dream feud will you do?
I will make Austin Aries vs cm punk and Samoa joe vs John Cena and I will make Owen hart and Jim niedhart to finish making hart foundation .
Till next time it’s me it’s me it’s @bigppc

From El Gran Azul
Twitter: @EGAOle

Hola amigos,

Lune Noche RAW was no bueno. Mysterio y Sin Cara no #1 contenders to Campeones de Parajas? Baloney! They’re better off just putting them in turkey suits, if they want to bury their careers so badly! Forget this, I’m switching camps to TNA. At least they treat their luchadores with respect.

Oh, wait.


If you wanna be on next weeks Mayhem Mailbag, email us at [email protected] about anything you wanna say about the week in wrestling!