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Wrestling Mayhem Show 599: Earth 2 Daniel Bryan

Marcus Mann can’t seem to get enough of the mayhem.  He made the trek back to the studio to join Sorg, Bobby F J-Town and Mad Mike for this week’s episode.  We had a lot to chat about, including:

  • 205 Live is going to do house shows starting in January?
  • On paper 205 Live is the best indy show ever. We need to see how it is in reality.
  • Marcus Mann is educating us on the difference of a 205 Live show on TV versus live and how much better high flyers are live.
  • Someone may have just compared Enzo to Eddie Guerrero.
  • Marcus Mann is educating Sorg on Noam Dar and wrestling outside the US.
  • We’re reminiscing on that time when Rizz interviewed Pete Dunne.
  • Just because we’re not seeing people from CWC and Mae Young Classic popping up yet doesn’t mean WWE lost their numbers. Just wait.
  • Did you see DJ Z at a show – – – in a library?
  • Jim Johnston was released from the WWE. We’re sharing some thoughts.
  • Since we’ve got Marcus Mann on the sofa, we’re talking about the recent RYSE anniversary show.
  • A Power Point presentation is over on 205 Live.
  • This week’s Big Question: Which superstar had the best potential and would have been a bigger WWE star if Vince McMahon hadn’t gotten in the way?
  • The one that got away – that don’t know they got away.
  • What did YOU learn in wrestling this week?

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