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Mayhem Mania 2018: Week 1

This. is. Mayhem Mania!

Not quite a game. Not really a contest. More like a competitive thought experiment. The object is to create the best WrestleMania card possible – NOT necessarily to predict what WWE will do.

This is not fantasy booking. It’s more like reality booking. Any match created must have at least a chance of happening in this year’s WrestleMania. That means all wrestlers come in their current physical, emotional and contractual state. Anyone selected for a match must have a reasonable chance of being hired by WWE to appear on the real-life WrestleMania card. 

Simply put, you’re Vince McMahon with infinite cash and no self-control.


Every journey has a beginning. In Mayhem Mania, that means creating 8 matches for our card. Here’s how it went down on Episode 605 of the Wrestling Mayhem Show

Finn Balor vs. Aleister Black
(Created by @Bobbyfjtown)

Chris Jericho vs. EC3
(Created by @MadMike4883)

Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn
(Created by @Sorgatron)

Asuka vs. Charlotte vs. Ronda Rousey
(Created by @rebelliousflaw)

Daniel Bryan vs. Kurt Angle vs. Drake Maverick vs. William Regal
(Created by @MutilatorLarry)

The Bar vs. Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly vs. The Revival
(Created by @billyj64)

Lars Sullivan vs. Bobby Lashley
(Created by @CoopTroopComedy)

Roman Reigns & The Usos vs. Seth Rollins & Authors Of Pain
(Created by @MainstreamMat)

(*Special thanks to Antonio Garza (@TheWRevolution) for the awesome graphics!)

Next Tuesday, the real fun begins. We’ll have a fresh cast of players tasked with making changes (and hopefully, improvements) to the existing card. They’ll have three options.

1. SWAP a wrestler/tag team for one already on the card, or bring for a name not currently on the card.
2. ADD an unused wrestler/tag team to an existing match.
3. KILL a match AND CREATE an entirely new match with wrestlers not curretly on the card.

If a match survives 3 rounds of Mayhem Mania without being altered in any way, it GRADUATES to the SUPERCARD, creating room for new and even more fantastic match ideas.

As always, new surprise await with every new round. Also, I must remind you that somewhere down the line will be the spectacular and chaotic Patreon In The Bank Round! Only Patreon supporters of the Wrestling Mayhem Show will be invited to participate. Sign up if you want to be part of it. Remember, longer tenured Pateron supporters will get preferential treatment.

Which matches do you like? Which changes do you want to see? Where in the hell is Braun Strowman? We want to hear your feedback, so drop a comment below or just put @MayhemShow on blast on Twitter.

Thanks for enjoying Mayhem Mania. Now, here’s a new episode of the hottest show on the internet, “Talking Mayhem Mania”!